This category of membership is open to holders of West Africa senior school certificate with little or no knowledge of Geography as a field of study. At this level, students are properly tutored in more details on the basic knowledge of Geography. This stage builds up young geographers. It builds up interest in the mind of the youths in the subject matter. ICGN registered students have the same privilege as other Qualified members of the institute. Students are free to attend ICGN Quarterly, yearly, biannual or biennial programme as the case may be. Members have the same privilege like those in ICAN, ANAN, or ICEN in Nigeria. Registered students are free to visit the institute library, the National secretariat or any of the branch office of ICGN in Nigeria at will. Our undergraduates in the universities or polytechnics (one or two hundred level) are also Qualified or eligible to register their membership as ICGN students. There are series of benefits attached for becoming a student member of ICGN. There is hope for direct admission into university or polytechnic to read any of the related courses to Geography.

The general direct entry Qualification for the institute examinations are:
1. Five credits from WSSCE in one or two sittings. Candidates must have credit in Geography.
2. Five credits from NECO in one or two sittings. Candidates must have credit in Geography
3 . Diploma holders with good credit pass from Nigerian school of Aviation or Maritime’ Academics.
4 . Holders of foreign professional qualifications or certificates in Geography related courses.
5 . Any other professional qualification in geography related courses as may be deemed acceptable by the Council. Candidates preparing for ICGN qualifying examinations must meet the above academic Requirements before enrolling into the institute professional stages. There is no short cut to success in life. Men of success in life are men of total determination. To be like these men you must be determined in life.