1. Prof. Christopher Ominyofe Balogun fcg, FcDipl, PhD:- He is the Director General /CEO, the founder and Chairman, Board of regent and incorporated trustees of the Institute. He is a Nigerian from Edo State extraction and Born on 13th February, 1963. Founder and member of various professional bodies in Nigeria and Abroad. He is an icon of our time. He is a Pastor in the Deeper Christian Life Ministry. He fears God! This is no overstatement.
  2. MR. PIUS. O.O. FCG, ACDIPL.:- He is a Director of the Institute with wealth of experienced as an administrator for years. He is of the Benue State extraction. He holds a Bachelor degree in Business Administration.



  1. ALH. ADAMU DABO SAMBO FCG:-. He is an Alternate Director and President of the Institute for 2007 to 2010 and from 2010 till date. He is a practicing Geographer, A consultant to Kaduna State government on Geograghical issues. He is of the Kaduna State extraction, a core northerner with passion for the course Geography. He is a man with a difference.
  2. ASSOCIATE PROF. L.O. ENUKORA FCG, PHD:-  Prof. Enukora is an Alternate Director and the Vice President of the Institute covering the same period with the president. He is a lecturer with the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA) Kaduna. Dean and senior lecturer in the department of Geography. He has produced Military and Civilian Geographers in their thousands from various Universities in Nigeria. He is of the Abia State extractionPROF. A. A. ADEPETU FCG PHD:-. He is an Alternate Director and the Editor – in – Chief of the Journal, Cardinal Point of the institute produced biannually. He is a lecturer from the Nigerian Defense Academy (NDA). He has lectured in several Universities and Colleges in the subject geography in Nigeria. He is of the Yoroba extraction. A visiting Professor and Head of Department with the Kaduna State University. He will ever be remembered by many Nigerians as a reference point. He is a father and authority in matters of geographical issues as it affects the Nigeria society.    
  3. MR. SUNDAY OTAOCO. FCG:- Mr. Sunday Otaoco is of the Edo State extraction. A teacher of geography for several years. He is still in the job of teaching the subject. He is a man of passion and vision for his profession. He is of the Deeper Life Bible Church. A product of the Ambrose Ali University, Ekpoma.


CC. Barrister Morris Odeh & Co
(The Mosaic Chamber)
UBA Building, Yakubu Gowon Way
Kaduna, Nigeria
West Africa.