Examination is not to be taken before giving fellowship membership of this noble institute. The award of fellowship certificate of ICGN is by merit and national contribution of the possessors. This cadre is reserved for promoters and other deserving members of the public that have good records in the Nigeria geographical literatures. Candidates with ten (10) years experience in the field of geography and related fields are also Qualified to apply for this cadre. HOD’s in Nigeria Universities, Polytechnics and colleges of education can also apply for fellowships level of the institute. Award of fellowship is followed by professional colouring with national view, either in NTA or AIT as the council may deem fit. ICGN Fellowship certificate is the highest honour. The benefits that accrue to Fellow membership of the institute supercede that of the qualifying stage. Members are to use FCG after their name- meaning Fellow Certified Geographer.


 Fellow Form