This is the Qualifying stage of the institute and is opened for HND, BSC, M.SC or PhD holders in Geography and other related fields in Geography only. Members in this category are referred to as Certified Geographers. Membership is solely by examinations for candidates with less than four cognate experience in geography or its allied fields. To get Qualified, the candidate must pass the institute professional examinations in three stages; viz: PE I. PEl I. PEIlI. Examinations for these levels are conducted by experts in Geography, and marked by them. Examinations hold in early December every year In all the state capitals and the FCT. Those with graduate diploma are of greater advantage at this level as they are freely allowed to start off their professional careers from PE I-III with no further charges. Candidates from Nigerian School of Aviation and Maritime Academics are allowed to enroll directly into the Qualifying stages. Qualified candidates are expected to attend our quarterly induction programs organized by the institute for the young certified geographers and those in the graduate diploma and fellowship cadres to be held by rotation each year. Members shall use ACG after their name meaning Associate Certified Geographer.

• HND, B.Sc, B.Ed, M.Sc, PhD in Geography, Urban and Regional Planning, Surveying, Cartography, Environmental Science, Geology, Oceanography, Climatology and Meteorology, Estate Management, Human Ecology, Photogrammetry, Resource Management, Disaster Management e.t.c

• Members of NIS, RTP, Aviation Practitioners etc.
• Registration for now is Direct Membership into the Associate level of ICGN