Affiliate Fellowship category is open to those who are in academics but do not have Masters or Post Higher Degree or Doctor of Philosophy in Geography or Geography related fields but with personal interests in the practise of Geography or other aspect of Geography and the work of the INSTITUTE. 


This category (Affiliate Fellowship) is open to individuals who can satisfy council with substantial career progression, and can also produce evidence of seniority and maturity of experience in any field which involves or promotes the advancement and professional practice of Geography or Geography related fields. Affiliate Fellows of ICGN are elected for a maximum of two years, after which application for full Fellowship is expected. 

Prospective candidates must:

  • have completed a Masters or Doctoral programme in a related field (Depending on the awarding institution, Council may request for a certified true copy of final Master or Doctoral research project); 
  • be or have been in employment as a Senior Executive for an aggregate of at least four years or more and in the opinion of Council have made significant contribution to the advancement of global Geographical issues, leadership, the profession of Geography, and or the objects of the ICGN:
  • be willing and able to promote, safeguard and protect the integrity of the profession.

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