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We assume you have read through the Institute advertisement to become a member before filling this form. If you have not, please do so.

1) Membership Application 2) Continue Application after payment

If you are an applicant seeking to become a member of our Institute, please click “Apply for Admission” below to apply.
Fill your program details and your personal details and your Application Number will be generated. Take your application number to the bank to pay for the application form. After the payment is made, come back to the portal to complete your application form.Thanks for applying.





Click on Continue Application Button below, if you have your application number with you and you have also made the application form payment at the bank.

Please ensure you have your photograph (Size NOT more than 15kb) with other academic document you have with you, as they may be requested.

Note: Please note that as soon as you completed the form and submitted, you will not be able to access the form again for correction or modification. Therefore, you are advised to fill everything correctly before submission.

Thank you.CONTINUE

3) Application Status 4) Members

If you have applied for membership and submited succesfully, please click “Ckeck Application Status” below to confirm weather your membership application has been approved.

Note: After clicking the Check Application Status Button, type your Application Number to check your application Status

Please, click login link at the top right hand side of the screen to login into the portal, then enter your username and password to login for portal usage.

Note: As a member, you will need username and password to login for portal usage. If you don’t have one or has been misplaced, please contact the Institute portal administrator.

5) Enquiry
To ask question about Membership, Examination, Exemption or general information about the Institute. Please click on Equiry Button below.